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The internet is a tool. It can be of great benefit if used correctly or it can add up to a wasted life if all you do is live vicariously through social media and internet games. It can also educate you immensely or confuse you to a staggering degree. This is what I want to address in this post.

It is very disheartening to see someone who is searching to improve their health and see them fall victim to ideologies from, sometimes well intended individuals, who are plain wrong. There are internet gurus and self proclaimed experts that set forth their “ideas” as absolute certainties that are proven beyond any shadow of a doubt! They have searched the internet far and wide and are now “experts” in health and nutrition. If they find a like minded community then the real fun begins. You know the deal. Everyone repeats the same take on a particular study. Eggs are good. Eggs are bad. Saturated fat good. Saturated fat bad. Low carb. High carb. Low fat. High fat.

Every “side” high fives with their like minded peers and just keep on repeating what they hold dear to their heart. Researchers and doctors are all shills or ignorant idiots with a degree. The problem with being certain without a shadow of a doubt about anything is that it usually leads you to ignore those things that differ from your belief. It’s easier to dismiss something that seems to point the other way when you are so invested in your belief.

Paleo Nouveau’s mantra is that we have far more questions than answers. We focus on the science and sometimes listen to anecdotal evidence that if followed will not likely cause harm. Is there only one way to better health? Maybe. There are certain guidelines that seem to be sound and timeless, such as avoiding refined and junk foodstuff, eating whole foods prepared and cooked properly, managing stress better, exercising properly, getting adequate rest and enjoying life more. Not rocket science and not very profound but pretty straightforward.

I found this article on this website. This gentleman has a very set stance on the roles of saturated fat and dietary cholesterol. In this article he asks that you look at this study and then goes on to state “The results from this study reveal that a low-fat, low-cholesterol┬ádiet increases the risk factors associated with heart disease compared to a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet.”

Very impressive and the best part is Mr. Evans (the blogger) provides a link to the study. As I have mentioned before we should always do our own “Wesearch” and try to see if what is stated as fact is indeed so. Mr. Evans position seems to be that since the low fat diet reduced HDL and according to him high levels of HDL and Apolipoproteins A-I may offer protection from heart disease, then the inverse seems to be harmful. Again let me make this perfectly clear I am in no way shape or form criticizing Mr. Evans, only the content of this article. I will show you what I found and you can look for yourself. What will this prove? Do your own “Wesearch” and never rely on any internet person, including myself, to make a statement of fact that you cannot fact check for yourself!

This is from the authors of that study “We feel that this fundamental metabolic difference renders it inappropriate to assume that a diet induced decrease in HDL-C carries the same risk of atherosclerosis as does a low HDL-C within a given diet. This seems particularly so since epidemiologic data consistently show that populations with low fat diets and low HDL-C have reduced atherosclerosis incidence. As a corollary we recommend that guidelines for antiatherogenic diets continue to emphasize the lowering of LDL, rather than avoidance of HDL reduction.”

Not exactly the same conclusion Mr. Evans asserts. Quite the contrary. This study certainly shatters the position that high fat and saturated fat are protective for heart disease! Not sure why he chose it. I am also not sure why anyone would take such a stance against a healthy low fat diet since there are numerous studies and populations that follow this very diet and enjoy great heart health.

Does this mean that I believe he is wrong about his entire beliefs? No! I don’t have an opinion on his beliefs. I only looked at this article and am commenting on what I found by reading the study. I applaud that he cited the study so we can look it up. I have no opinion on Mr. Evans as it would be irrelevant to the subject at hand. If we have a true desire to learn and grow as individuals and a species, name calling and drama have no place in any discussion. I have yet to read other of his articles but I will certainly do so as I enjoy and admire that he has taken the time to cite all the studies he has used to formulate his opinion.

Always fact check any health claim you read or hear!!! There are way too many people regurgitating the same erroneous claims just because some smart sounding internet guru said so.




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