“Psst, wanna hear the secret to losing weight? Sshhh, follow me!”

Could it be that simple? Could weight loss and maintenance be very simple? There are so many opinions, methods, fad diets and “extreme” workouts to choose from that it’s very easy to get sidetracked. But why are there so many? Could it be that we are all searching for the “magic pill?” Think of this for a moment, what would be the profile of the ideal consumer for the weight loss industry? I would propose the following;

* Overweight

* Disposable income

* Frustrated

* Busy

* Has tried other diets before

* Searching for an answer to lose and keep weight off

I think these are accurate traits for the typical weight loss seeker. I know, I was obese and I was definitely frustrated with myself. The only difference is I knew how to lose weight and manage it. My reason for getting overweight stemmed from an emotional trap that I set for myself. (In a future post I will elaborate further.) Nevertheless I wanted to jump start my journey and was willing to try just about anything to get me started and get some kind of momentum going.

We all want to hear the latest “secret” that will help us lose weight. After all it’s the twenty first century and there has to be major advances in medicine and in the health industry to help us do this, right? OK let’s cut to the chase, what most of us are looking for is the path of least resistance. We want to know what is the easiest way to lose weight? It’s normal to try to do things as efficiently and effortlessly as possible. That is the smartest approach to just about anything, isn’t it?

What if this is the problem? Could it be that in our search for easy or fast or new we are setting ourselves up for failure? How? By starting off on the wrong foot! For most of us knowing why we gained weight is absolutely critical in helping us control our weight once we lose it. After all if you are not keenly aware of the reason(s) for your weight gain you can be doomed to repeat them. Perhaps it was emotional eating. Or lack of knowledge. Maybe the weight crept up on you through the years of poor eating or being less active. There are many possibilities that influenced your weight gain. You need to learn what those are!

Defining what is easy and hard is one of the most powerful weapons we have to do this weight loss thing right! For me I simply defined hard as being obese, unhealthy, uncomfortable and miserable. I was not a happy fat guy! Putting on my shoes was now relegated to my wife as I was unable to tie my shoelaces. Clothes kept getting tighter and tighter. Breathing became more labored. Eating less enjoyable. Good sleep was a distant memory. Blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, liver enzymes and blood glucose numbers were spiraling out of control. Life was not good! Easy I defined as anything I needed to do to reverse this successfully and healthfully!

Please read that last line again. And yet again! That is the “secret” for weight loss! Losing weight and keeping it off starts with the simple agreement that you need to make with yourself that you and your family are worth the effort you are about to put forth. That is the easy part. Hard is what you are doing now! Being unhealthy and or overweight is hard for your family. Dying young and leaving a grieving spouse and children is hard on your family!

One of my cousin’s best friends just suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke at the age of 43. His BP was well over 250 most of the time. He weighed over 300 lbs and had recently stopped smoking. He is not responding and in a vegetative state. You want to see hard? You want to feel what hard is? Go and see how his 10, 12 and 16 year old girls are handling it! Go see them, no not see them, you don’t just see them cry you feel the unbearable pain in their sobs! The pain that can only be felt when children are robbed from their parents! That my friends, is HARD!!!

Eating differently, exercising and changing whatever negative lifestyle habits you currently have is EASY! It is within your power to create a better you through proper perception of what is truly easy and hard. Once you come to this agreement you are in the proper mental state to change for the better and do it permanently. Now all you need to do is gain proper knowledge on how to best approach this venture. Guess what? It’s easy!!!

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